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Tailored Fit Blue Fine Bengal Stripe Cotton Shirt with Kent Collar and Double Cuffs

Tailored Fit Blue Fine Bengal Stripe Cotton Shirt with Kent Collar and Double Cuffs


Size Guide

Tailored Fit Size Guide

Collar 14.5" 15" 15 1/2" 16" 16 1/2" 17" 17 1/2" 18"
Chest 40 1/2" 42 1/4" 44" 46" 48" 49 3/4" 51 3/4" 53 1/2"
Waist 34 1/2" 36 1/4" 38 1/2" 40 1/2" 42 1/2" 44 3/4" 46 3/4" 49"
Hips 37 3/4" 39 1/2" 41 1/2" 43 1/2" 45 3/4" 47 1/2" 49 1/2" 51 1/4"
Sleeve Length 34 1/2" 34 1/2"" 35" 35 1/2" 36" 36 1/4" 36 1/2" 36 1/2"
Cuff Circumference 9 3/4" 9 3/4" 9 3/4" 9 3/4" 10 1/4" 10 1/4" 10 3/4" 10 3/4"
Body Length 28 1/2" 28 3/4" 29" 29 1/2" 30" 30 1/2" 31" 32"
Collar 36.8cm 38.1cm 39.4cm 40.6cm 41.9cm 43.2cm 44.4cm 45.7cm
Chest 102.9cm 108cm 111.8cm 116.8cm 121.9cm 126.4cm 131.4cm 135.9cm
Waist 87.6cm 92.1cm 97.8cm 102.9cm 108cm 113.7cm 118.7cm 124.4cm
Hips 95.9cm 100.3cm 105.4cm 110.5cm 116.2cm 120.7cm 125.7cm 130.2cm
Sleeve Length 87.6cm 87.6cm 88.9cm 90.2cm 91.4cm 92.1cm 92.7cm 92.7cm
Cuff Circumference 23.5cm 23.5cm 24.8cm 24.8cm 26cm 26cm 27.3cm 27.3cm
Body Length 72.4cm 73cm 73.7cm 74.9cm 76.2cm 77.5cm 78.7cm 81.3cm

How We Measure

Collar Take the circumference measurement around the middle of your throat

Chest Take the circumference measurement around your chest and the underarm

Waist Place the measuring tape against the skin around the fullest part of your waist, usually just above your hips.

Hip The tape measure is placed around the hips being sure to incorporate the widest point of the seat.

Body Hold the tape at the point where the seam of the shoulder meets the collar, and keeping it as straight as possible, measure downwards to where you desire the shirt to finish.

Sleeve Measure from centre back collar to shoulder outside edge to end of cuff


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Product details

Style Notes

In one of our most popular cloths, the fine blue bengal stripe gets the Tailored Fit treatment, complete with a new, smaller Kent Collar and double cuffs for a slightly smarter finish.

Construction Details

As modern day men begin to favour business shirts that can be worn without a tie, Turnbull & Asser has revised its traditional slim fit to create a new and improved version, called the tailored fit. Considered in-house pattern cutting has gone into this redesign, with the tailored fit boasting a closer fitting body shape (without the use of shirt darts), a flat front hem with updated button placement and a new, smaller Kent collar with a wide spread. A 2-button cuff replaces the signature 3-button, complete with a pleated sleeve. The new shirt also has a double cuffs option.

Fine Details

Product Code:
Body Fit:
Tailored Fit
Cuff Style:
Double Cuff
Collar Style:
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