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#TheArtists: An Interview with Quentin Monge & Matthew Schofield

Posted 03.12.18  - Craft

We sat down with artists Quentin Monge and Matthew Schofield to talk about the Artist Collection and their pocket squares.

Turnbull & Asser: How did your careers begin, and how would you describe your styles?

Quentin Monge: I started freelancing four years ago as a graphic designer and slowly began taking illustration commissions only. I’ve always wanted to do illustrations since high school, so I feel pretty lucky.

Matthew Schofield: I’m a creative director by day and do digital collage when commissioned. Digital collage is how I’d best describe the work I do.

T&A: And yourself, Quentin?

QM: My work is minimalist. I pay a lot of attention on shapes and compositions—I love to work on patterns.

T&A: Do you have a go-to colour palette?

QM: It seems that blue and pink are coming back quite often, but when it comes to colour choices I couldn’t really explain it, it just feels right or not depending on the subject/composition. It’s very subjective.

MS: I tend to go for monochrome or greys, mustard, corals, pinks and reds.

T&A: What was the inspiration behind the design for your pocket squares?

QM: This was originally based on something I called a Bananasutra, which was Kama Sutra with bananas.

MS: My family always joke that I have eyes everywhere, seeing things in the background when they are talking to me. So the phrase 'Eyes Everywhere' was the starting point.

T&A: Take us through your influences…

MS: Early rave flyers, the punk aesthetic and diy culture.

QM: I think that literally everything can inspire you from the ordinary to all of the rest. I like to see it that way and soaking up life—seeing what will come out of it creatively.

T&A: What would you like to explore next?

MS: Something completely different: laser cutting and geometric shapes.

QM: I’d like to do more paintings and volumes, take time and slow down the whole process.

We go behind-the-scenes with Matthew Schofield for The #ArtistCollection. Watch the video below, and shop the collection here.

Behind The Artist Collection: Matthew Schofield from Turnbull & Asser on Vimeo.

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